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I-Ching: The App of Changes

Développeur Brian T. Fitzgerald
1.99 usd

The I Ching (or Yi Jing) is the world's oldest book. It has been a source of mystic wisdom, philosophy, creative advice, and an oracle of common sense for 5,000 years. Simple, elegant, and easy to use, this I Ching app was featured in WIRED in April 2015. It's lovingly written and has everything you need:• Immediately loads to question prompt for quick consultation• The software engine precisely replicates the ancient Yarrow Stalk method• A journal where you can keep a diary of questions and answers• A lookup library of all 64 hexagrams• Trigram information & lookup index to aid in study• Journal backup and restore• Coin menu if you have your own coins to toss• Share your readings via email, print, or social media • Helpful help for beginners with insights for experienced users• Original texts based on the Wilhelm-Baynes translation made gender-neutral• Fresh, beautifully crafted new interpretations to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. • No ads, no in app purchase requests, no nag screens
Newly designed for phones and tablets, this app has been aiding study and oracular consultation the world over since 1989. Ask a question, press the yin-yang button six times, and the software engine generates your hexagram -- both the original text and a modern interpretation -- using the ancient method of sorting 50 virtual yarrow stalks rather than the western three-coin shortcut. If you prefer the coin method, there's an option for that as well.
Whether you use the I Ching as an oracle, a mirror on your subconscious, a companion to exploring synchronicity or a creative aid, this lovingly made app can open doors to new insights, new directions, and wonderful surprises.
It's a handy, elegant way to pause and reflect mindfully on the questions, large or small, that you face every day.